New MP3 Player PCBs…. soon.

I’ve just finished 2 new PCB revisions for the MP3 player. One PCB uses the new VS1053 chip so should be able to play Ogg Vorbis, WMA, MP3, WAV and all the rest. This is of course at the cost of ease of construction and the PCB needs to be 2 layers so is slightly more expensivve to manufacture. Not to worry because the second design is a slight revision of the original PCB using the VS1003 so is easy to solder but MP3 only. The new designs will add the the ability to use SD and MMC cards. I have a full bill of materials with 90% of parts available from Farnell and Digikey.

Hopefully this side of Christmas I’ll have them finished and tested with a whole array of new photos, instructions and videos up.

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  1. hi nick,
    m also workin on d same…
    did u use d breakot board or only d ic itself…??
    n ya , can u send me sm documents regardin ur project..?
    it wud be a great help for me…
    my mail id is

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