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This site contains my most recent projects for Windows and Mac. Most of the software on these pages is not finished, but functional at this point. Any questions, comments or bug reports would be greatly appreciated. Contact nick_lott@bigfoot.com


October 2003

Surprise surprise not alot has been done but hey thats life. Assimilator now has RegEx support for more controlled searching. I've removed the java menu's due to their detremental effect on non IE browsers.Almost time for the yearly revamp and clean out. Added a Paypal button for those of you with more money than sense ;). As per usual feature requests and bug reports welcome.


July 2003

Okay not much news here but I've updated assimilator with the latest version. Finally added the ability to search custom tags but no other advanced features yet. The app will still crash if you try to close a search in progress, two work arounds exist, either stop the search before closing or slect ignore errors from the debug menu.


June 2003

Wow it seems to be getting longer and longer between updates :). Not much has happened in the last six months since I got back from my travels I've fixed a couple of broken links (thanks Locky) and fixed a spelling mistake. I have started work again on assimilator by rebuilding my mac from some pieces I found in the trash. Hopefully an update will follow next month with a new version.....


October 2002

New project this month Head to Toe a little tool to generate webpages by merging headers, footer and body files. No I know you linux geeks can easily do all this with make or similar, but the rest of us are either lazy or don't have the time. This won't save the world or feed the starving, but it does make maintaining my web site a whole lot easier. Had yet another idea spun off from assimilator, but will put on hold till I can proudly say here is Assimilator 1.0 stable release version with documentation :). Also got around to adding a few links.


September 2002

Long time no update, seems to be the way things are going lately.Fixed a couple of broken links (Assimilator & HTTPGet). Definition has sucked way to much time than initially anticipated. It has been renamed DICToMatic. Pretty much complete at the mo, would like to improve link clicking a little and a few other niggly features. Going to have a big session and project clear out soon. Finish up the advanced features and stability issues with assimilator, etc. and generally get ready to move on to some new stuff.


June 2002:

Big update to website including new menus, graphics and cleaning up all that extra HTML that Word produces (pages are now about five times smaller than the word version). Just started a new job so the software here has had to sit on the back benches for a bit. Assimilator hasn't gone much further than the april release (version 0.326b I think) and I will look at getting back into fixing the problems with that soon. A new dictionary related project has been added called "Definition" which gives easy access to internet dictionaries. Also added HTTPGet which is a small app I used for testing out my HTTP sockets while developing Assimilator. Some of the less complete projects have also been removed from the web site.


February 2002:

Finished an initial re-write of Assimilator and working really well, and stable on both Mac and PC. Relevant pages have been updated on the site. Also working on a “Web Page Modified” plugin for Check Mail 2 that can periodically check a web page and notify if it has been modified. All MacOS builds have been removed from the site due to size restraints but are available on request.


January 2002:

Well finally University is over and now I have the fun task of finding a job. Check Mail 2 is still lacking plugins for yahoo and hotmail. Possibility of creating a plugin recorder that will automate construction of plugins for web mail and SSL sites. This will lead into my upcoming “Webscript” project. Also trying to get assimilator finished.


October 2001:

Check Mail 2 is stable now and has new features such as extended plugin commands, ability to place an icon in windows system tray and better hardware detection and sound usage. Assimilator has been revamped slightly but will undergo major changes over the next month.


June 2001:

Check Mail 2 is looking pretty stable now, although I haven’t updated the online version yet. Wrote NetClip this week, a small app to share the clipboard contents over a network.


May 2001:

Finally updated the web site and did a lot of work on Check Mail 2. It’s now looking a lot more complete and functional. Time to start working on some http plugins for it.

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