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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ADC.c [code]
ADC.h [code]
avrfat16.c [code]Fat16 Functions
avrfat16.h [code]Fat16 Functions
BCD.c [code]AVR Butterfly BCD conversion algorithms
BCD.h [code]
button.c [code]AVR Butterfly button handling routines
button.h [code]Butterfly MP3 Button Handling
delay.c [code]Delay functions
delay.h [code]Delay functions
eeprom.c [code]AVR Butterfly EEPROM routines
eeprom.h [code]AVR Butterfly EEPROM routines Target ATmega169
eeprom169.h [code]
font_ttuf1.h [code]
font_ttuf2.h [code]
fontset0.h [code]
LCD_driver.c [code]
LCD_driver.h [code]
LCD_functions.c [code]
LCD_functions.h [code]
lcdgraphics.c [code]Template for LCD MP3 Functions
lcdgraphics.h [code]LCD MP3 Functions
lcdgraphics_alpha.c [code]ALPHA LCD MP3 Functions
lcdgraphics_nokia.c [code]NOKIA LCD MP3 Functions
ledgraphics.c [code]Basic LED display that lights up an LED for track number played
main.c [code]Butterfly MP3 main
main.h [code]Butterfly MP3 main
mmc.c [code]MultiMedia Card low level Functions
mmc.h [code]MultiMedia Card low level Functions
pcd8544.c [code]
pcd8544.h [code]PCD8544 Driver
pgmspacehlp.h [code]
power.c [code]Butterfly MP3 Power Routines
power.h [code]Butterfly MP3 Power Routines
testing.c [code]
testing.h [code]
timer0.c [code]AVR Butterfly Timer0 routines
timer0.h [code]AVR Butterfly Timer0 routines
types.h [code]Yampp type library
uart.c [code]Yampp Uart library
uart.h [code]Yampp Uart library
utils.c [code]Butterfly MP3 utility routines
utils.h [code]Butterfly MP3 utility routines
vs1001.c [code]VS1001 interface library
vs1001.h [code]VS1001 interface library
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