The current source code and PCB files are available on github at

Arduino MP3 Distribution Files 8.0M2011 23 Jan 14:56

All the downloads from this website in one zip file. 123K2010 15 Nov 17:37

PCB Layout and Schematic files in Cadsoft EAGLE format v5.10 72K2010 22 Nov 23:02

PCB Gerber files for manufacturing RS-274X format 49K2010 22 Nov 23:02

Arduino source code library and example files

ArduinoMP3_REVC_BOM.xls 10K2010 22 Nov 21:08

A bill of materials for the parts used in the Arduino MP3 shield


Useful Datasheets 7.4MAll these datasheets in one download
Caps-0.1uf.pdf 307K
Caps-33pf.pdf 237K
Crystal-12.288-HC49.pdf 539K
Headers-0.1inch.pdf 74K
Headphone-3.5mm-4832.2320.pdf 275K
Joystick-5Way-MCMT-5.pdf 117K
LDO-3.3V-100mA-LP2981.pdf 444K
Sandiskmanual-SecureDigital2.2.pdf 2.2M
Socket-SD-MMC.pdf 109K
caps-100uf.pdf 144K
caps-2.2uF.pdf 18K
sandiskmanual-rs-mmcv1.0.pdf 1.7M
schematic.pdf 52K
vs1011.pdf 465K