Arduino MP3 Shield Rev B (correct files this time)

I have to apologise to everyone who downloaded the Revision B Arduino MP3 Shield PCBs when I posted them here and here.

I accidently uploaded and emailed everyone the wrong files, not only were they not revision B they weren’t even revision A. This was totally my fault as I grabbed the files from the wrong directory when uploading. I was sure I had checked they were correct but obviously I hadn’t.

I’ve included some pictures of what the layout is supposed to look like for Rev B so you can check the gerbers and EAGLE files are correct before getting any made. ( Look for the large ‘B’ on the top copper layer.)

Figure 1 : Arduino MP3 Shield Rev B PCB - Top view

Figure 2 : Arduino MP3 Shield Rev B PCB - Bottom view

I have since fixed the links and are now hosting the correct files. Here are the links again:

EAGLE files are here

GERBER files are here

Arduino Library files are here

PDF of the schematic is here

Once again sorry to everyone who got the wrong files.

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