Butterfly Logger Firmware 0.31A

I’ve just completed another release of firmware for the AVR Butterfly Logger project. It can be download it at the project site on Sourceforge.

New Features

The main feature of this update is dynamic logging. I’ll post some examples of this in action soon but for now I’ll just give you a basic overview.

Dynamic logging means that the period between samples is altered dynamically at runtime depending on the state of the system being monitored. If the system is undergoing rapid change then many samples will be taken automatically. If the system is stable then very few samples will be taken at that time. This has the same effect as sampling continuously at a high sample rate but removing any repeated or redundant data except that the repeated and redundant data is simply never recorded.

When using the dynamic logging feature you will need to log time and date to enable you to be able to properly reconstruct the data later once downloaded.

The dynamic logging feature also has an optional timeout value so that if no change has been read from the ADC for a large number of log attempts then a log is forced to ensure a minimum resolution such as 1 sample every hour is maintained.

Currently the dynamic logging feature only monitors a single ADC channel. I have plans to extend it to monitor other sensors and also multiple sensors simultaneously in future releases.

Setup and options for the dynamic logging features are currently maintained in the file main.h. There are some comments in the file to explain the options available.

To save on program space the dynamic logging parameters can be implemented as a compile time option. If more flexibility is wanted the features can also be implemented with the parameters as runtime changeable options that can be altered via the serial port interface.

Bug Fixes

This version also includes a fix for an issue with updating the LCD readings after the flash was full.

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