Butterfly Logger Firmware 0.29

I’ve finally managed to get another release of the Butterfly Logger firmware done. I was supposed to have released a lot of this a couple of years ago but it got lost in the ether somewhere.

Without any further ado the source code is here, with the changes from the previous version are listed below.

Changes summary:
- Added  'j' and 'J' commands to read SHT75 Humidity and Temp.
- Fixed the SHT75 clock waveform (now it looks  symetrical )
- Added ENABLE_SHT_CALCS option to print/store real world values for SHT75
- Tuned vref for more accurate results. (Battery voltage and dependant SHT75 calculations)
- Added Kionix accelerometer logging
- Fixed vref ( done by matthias.weisser )
- Make file uses no-inline-small-functions ( done by matthias.weisser )
- Direction ADCs are now refered to as Auxilliary ADCs

More information about the data logger project can be found at the project website.

Any questions can be asked in the project forums, here.

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