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Now I’ve got kicad building again ( although rather bloated at 20Mb ) I thought I’d have a play with some other items on my todo list. I’ve manage to get most of the GEDA suite working on the mac and have created portfiles for mac ports to be able to install them. I haven’t got gwave to work yet due to some dependances and some of the installs needed to be forced to overwrite some other files but in general they seem to work. I hope to add kicad as a port file in the near future but I will see if I can get these programs to work first.

In doing this I noticed a few messages regarding others trying to get port files up for gEDA on the mac so I assume they will make it into the main ports tree at some time in the near future.

To use my files you can browse them at or download them all at

First you will need to extract the files into a local directory such as /users/me/ports. Then you will need to add /users/me/ports to the /opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf file. The last action is to run the command portindex from your newly created ports directory to ensure the index is up to date.

If these are of any use to you then enjoy. Good luck.

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  1. > although rather bloated at 20Mb
    Yeah, I noticed that. From a quick look it seemed like it's to do with translations? (Although I could be wrong, I'm going from memory and not in depth.)


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